SVG Apps respect privacy of every user and takes adequate measures to capture, process, distribution of personal information within organization and third party vendors/contracts.

Personal Information

Personal information is collected to uniquely identify, locate an individual and for communication purpose. The information is collected from users for operational and transactional purposes only as described below: We collect personal information as below: We never collect sensitive data such as race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity or political affiliations.

Non Personal Information

This type of information is automatically captured and recorded by the systems when user is connected to our backbone.

Disclosure and Transfer of personal information

SVG Apps may use personal information for the purpose of providing services to the users, analysis, operation and transaction related activities only. We shall take adequate measures to ensure reasonable security practices.

Feedback and Concerns

While we take utmost care to safeguard the personal information we seek your continued support for the same. You may contact us on for any feedback or concerns you may have. We shall address your feedback or concerns instantaneously and in effective manner.


SVG Apps reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy without any prior notice.